Army Families Federation Celebrates Its Thirtieth Anniversary

The Army Families Federation celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year. During June serving Army families are invited to take part in the AFF Grab:

Which is an annual survey, independent of the chain of command to see what issues are most affecting families.

AFF has launched two campaigns to raise awareness of issues facing service families in its,

AFF recognises that much has rightly been done to research and address mental health issues amongst serving personnel but that more needs to be done to investigate the effects of service life on the soldier’s family. AFF’s Employment campaign seeks to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by spouses when trying to find employment.

Extensive information on the two campaigns can be found on the AFF website. AFF welcomes feedback from serving families and other charities wishing to work together. Results of the AFF Grab will be published in late summer and will feed into AFF’s Thirtieth Anniversary Conference, 20 September 2012 at the Institute of Education

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