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Sandes Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Centres

Charity Number: 250718
Company Number: NI7273

Sandes is a Christian Mission that has provided pastoral and welfare care to the Army since 1869. Sandes provides catering and recreational Centres for men and women serving with the Army and RAF. Our Centres are within military bases where everyone can feel at home and set apart from the stresses of the normal military environment. Our Centres are “A PLACE TO FIND SPACE”, where soldiers and their families can experience that “home from home” comfort and space to get away from it all.

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Unit 7
30 Island Street

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Sandes provides quality home-made food in relaxing surroundings. As a Christian Mission, we act as a listening ear to anyone who needs it, and demonstrate the Christian faith by unconditionally caring for, helping and befriending members of HM Forces.

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Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here