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The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of everyone all over the world. We have come to know a new normal of self-isolation and socially distancing. Thousands of people have tragically lost their lives, and many more have lost people close to them. The situation has become even more devastating as the opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones has been made impossible due to social distancing restrictions, and because of this the public health crisis has obstructed the natural grieving process for thousands of people.

Leading UK veterans’ charity, FirstLight Trust, is encouraging those who have lost someone to acknowledge and recognise their loss and grief, which is an incredibly important part of the healing process. Each Friday, the charity sends out a post on their social media platforms urging people to remember their loved ones in a way that is most meaningful to them, giving them space to grieve.

The charity’s founder, Dorinda Wolfe Murray, says,

“Grief combined with guilt over having survived is a well-known but a not often discussed issue around death and dying; acknowledging those who have lost their lives and how that makes us feel is such an important thing to do. And personally it often provides a ‘thank you’ moment and a memory that makes me smile.”

Taking a step back from the confusing and destructive events that have overwhelmed us in last few months and focusing on our feelings gives us the opportunity to grieve properly. The initiative started this year on Armed Forces Day, when a written post was accompanied by the striking sounds of a trumpet playing the notes of the Last Post to honour the lives and memories of those we have lost.

If you are experiencing grief, loss or loneliness please do pick up the phone to one of FirstLight Trust’s excellent support colleagues who are there to help:

Lynne: 07342 080362

Sally: 07464 828050

Sam: 07881 232597

Gary: 07464 828051

Hawick support: 01450 218647

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