Welfare, Health and Wellbeing Arena

The subject of Welfare and Health and Wellbeing is an extremely wide topic, with subject areas too vast to be given to one organisation to lead on.  This is therefore to be seen and used, as an ‘Arena’ offering  a combined knowledge based platform populated with the relevant Action Groups and High Level Groups.  The Cobseo Executive Committee as a collective will oversee this Arena, where Members can share information and/or explore all aspects of Welfare delivery and Health and Wellbeing within the Armed Forces Community.

The Health of Veterans’ Research Team (HVRT)
HVRT produces objective literature reviews in support of the Medical Advisory Committee and is based at King Edward VII’s Hospital. The HVRT has just launched their website which will act as a useful and reliable online resource on veterans’ health providing current literature reviews, exclusive data and news updates. The HVRT compiles information about emerging health issues in Service Personnel to produce literature reviews which will be made freely available on their website. To learn more about the team and their work, click here.

Our Executive Members