Updated – Defence people mental health and wellbeing strategy

Ministry of Defence strategy to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the armed forces, their families, veterans, and defence civilians.

Extract from Preface by Lieutenant General Richard Nugee Chief of Defence People:
“Since the publication of the Armed Forces Mental Health Strategy 2011, the mental health and wellbeing of our Defence People has been a subject of substantial investment and focus. At the time of writing it is extremely newsworthy and it seems everybody has something to say about it. This is a good thing; the more we talk about it the more it becomes normalised, and the more we can acknowledge and understand it. Psychological symptoms are common and normal. It is only when they affect our function, at an individual level, in personal relationships, or at work, that a mental health disorder may be considered to be present. For Defence the stakes are high; mental health problems are now the second most common cause of medical downgrading and discharge in the Armed Forces, and a major cause of civilian sickness absence…”

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The vision of the ‘Defence people health and wellbeing strategy:

All defence people to enjoy a state of positive physical and mental health and wellbeing, feeling connected with, and supported by, the military and wider community, enabling them to contribute to the delivery of defence outputs, including operational capability, as part of the whole force

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