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The Challenges of Buying a Business

Sometimes it makes sense to purchase an existing company rather than starting your own.

Simon Watson, a former RAF Wing Commander who runs ET Cleaning Services and Swift Cleaners, discussed his own experiences during a recent webinar.

Find an appropriate company to buy, search online or through word of mouth. Dalton Business is a good place to start, as the leading website for buying and selling businesses and franchises. Once you have found a potential business to buy you need to test its commercial viability by doing your due diligence. Remember, you alone are responsible for checking the viability of the business before making the purchase.

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How do you network effectively?

Neil Williams, a former Royal Marines officer and now CEO of recruitment agency Crucial Group Ltd, shares his networking top tips.

When I decided to leave the Royal Marines I had no plan other than doing ‘something in business’. Networking was vital in helping me identify and pursue a new career.

At its heart, networking is just a conversation, and the military trains you to be an effective communicator. It gives you the opportunity to meet successful and interesting people, learn from their experiences and find opportunities.

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15th May 2018: OA Webinar – Inside the UK’s pre‑eminent delivery company, Royal Mail

This webinar will provide an overview of Royal Mail in the current climate. Former officers, Lyanne Maclean, Head of Fleet, and Simon Carpenter, Regional Head of Delivery Product Deployment, will share their own experiences of the organisation and provide advice on possible career paths for service leavers.

Royal Mail Group is a £10.8 billion business and is the leading business parcel delivery service in the UK, making them well positioned for the online shopping boom. With a workforce of over 160,000, Royal Mail is in the top five largest PLC employers in the UK. The size of the organisation means that there a good quality roles available across the country.

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17th May 2018: OA Event – ONWaRD Networking – Manchester

Kindly hosted by Barclays, we will be joined by a variety of local employers who will share their industry insights, and discuss the transition from the military into civilian employment. This is a fantastic chance to hear from officers now in civilian careers and gain some transition top tips. Networking at any stage of your career is vital, and during this event you can make new contacts, hear about opportunities and discuss challenges.

ONWaRD are a free to all networking group hosting monthly meetings in the Manchester. The informal meetings are a chance for officers to network in the North West region and provide support for one another in civilian employment.

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OA Reaches Over One Thousand Beneficiaries

For nearly 100 years we have assisted former officers and their families to help them in challenging personal situations.

Last year, the Benevolence team dealt with 1,107 cases, providing welfare advice, signposting to other organisations and accessing financial support. The OA awarded £1,369,000 in grants. The team authorised 3,766 financial transactions paid to beneficiaries, charities and suppliers.

Nigel Hare, OA Head of Benevolence, said: “The OA is here to support the officer community in difficult circumstances. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service, and we do all we can to help.”

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Three Steps for a Smoother Transition into a Civilian Career

There are many ways to get job ready when you leave the Armed Forces, but here are three effective approaches that worked for these former officers.

A career consultation is personal, being tailored to your requirements. It can help you identify suitable job roles, and the steps needed to achieve your professional ambitions. The OA Career Consultants are former officers, and able to understand many of your transition challenges. They can also help you to identify your transferrable skills and communicate your potential commercial value to employers.

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8th May 2018: OA Event – Project Management Workshop – York

The skills and experience required to manage a project are common within the Forces and many individuals look to transition into a new career within Project Management when they leave, but what does this look like in a civilian context?

Kindly hosted by Network Rail this event is one of a series of OA career-focused workshops delivered in conjunction with employers which explores these questions…

The workshop will begin with an overview of project management within a business setting, including a review of qualifications.

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8th May 2018: OA Webinar – A Portfolio Career

OA consultant Fiona Jackson is joined by Vix Anderton, a former RAF Intelligence Officer who left the Service in 2014.

She will be sharing key insights into her career including pros and cons of a portfolio career and lessons she has learnt along the way.

Vix now has a portfolio career, working on gender and conflict, diversity and inclusion, and mental health and wellbeing.

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Service Complaints Ombudsman Annual Report

The Service Complaints Ombudsman’s Annual Report 2017 describes the work undertaken by the Office of the Service Complaints Ombudsman (OSCO) throughout 2017 and reports on the current state of the Service complaints process.

In its second year of operation, and despite clear improvements that have been made, the Ombudsman finds that the Service complaints process is neither efficient, effective or fair at this stage.

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Updated – Service leavers guide

The service leavers guide offers information and advice prior to and after leaving regular service.

The guide contains information about armed forces pensions, resettlement, reserve liability and support from charitable organisations.

Of particular importance to service leavers is the Pen 1 form which should be completed at the 6 month point prior to your last day of service using the link on your JPA account.

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The Service Charity Sector and the coronavirus outbreak

For the latest information and guidance on the Service Charity Sector and the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please click here