2017’s Final Carp Fishing Trip A Huge Success

Fishing - Stu ParkerThis year’s final carp fishing trip to Woodlay, Cornwall, was a huge success. The latest trip saw 8 veterans from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Army sharing stories from their experiences in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and the Middle East. With days spent fishing and evenings spent socialising, as one beneficiary said at the end of the weekend, “it really doesn’t matter if you don’t catch a fish, these weekends are all about the comradeship on the lake side and the social banter in the evenings.”

The three weekends we have spent in Cornwall have been hugely successful and much of this is due to the wonderful support we receive from Jon, who runs the complex, and his friend Martyn – both of whom are veterans themselves.

“We all got on so well and formed new friendships that will last a lifetime. For me personally the trip meant so much, and this was only made possible by The Not Forgotten Association. Even though I only served a very short time before I was severely injured during the Falklands campaign, ending my army career, the trip certainly made me feel that we are not forgotten.” – Steve

“It has been quite an eye opener for us to listen to some of the stories, some truly shocking and horrific but others equally humorous and interesting. Even just over a long weekend we have seen lots of ups and downs for individuals but it is so good to see everybody bonding quickly and making new friends, relaxing and talking.” – Jon

“The Woodlay trips are fantastic, they are therapy for me.” – Stu (pictured)


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