Fundraising Aide Memoire

In April 2018, the Cobseo Executive Committee agreed all Member organisations involved in fundraising should meet the minimum requirements described in the Cobseo Aide Memoire on Fundraising:

Cobseo Fundraising Aide Memoire – updated 23 Feb 2022

This document contains a set of measures Member organisations are expected to have in place if they fundraise from public sources as an active element of their financial operations.

The Aide Memoire is designed to permit some flexibility in approach followed by individual Members but Cobseo encourage all Members to be able to aspire to achieve the measures listed in the Aide Memoire and demonstrate their continued use throughout their organisation.

This Fundraising Aide Memoire highlights the importance attached by Members to ensure their arrangements properly and sensitively balance the commitment and respect of those who support charities through funding from the public whilst avoiding undue interference and intrusion to donors.

This Aide Memoire is consistent and in line with public and regulatory expectations. It includes:

  • Information on Fundraising Policy to provide direction to Members on regulatory bodies and the implementation of policy
  • A section on Fundraising Ethics includes a description of the standards Cobseo expects from its Members
  • Advice, Assistance and Training on the sources available to Members to help ensure that the highest of standards are maintained
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