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In July 2018, the Cobseo Executive Committee issued a Governance Practices Aide Memoire and supporting Information Note. These documents are designed to cover the governance topics found in the non-statutory Charity Governance Code in England & Wales and similar codes in the other home nations.

Following the release of these documents, a self-reporting tool has been produced for Members to self-assess the consistency of their governance practices with the Aide Memoire.

The tool was developed by a Working Group of large and small Members, and is designed to be easy and quick to use. After conducting a pilot exercise with 15% of the Membership in late 2018, the Cobseo Executive Committee approved its use by all Full and Regimental Members once every two years of continuing Membership, starting in 2019.

The self-reporting tool assists Members to demonstrate that they are achieving a good level of governance or show where they can improve their governance measures to achieve a good level of governance.

Please note, this is a living document that will be amended if or when the law or guidance changes. Any changes will be highlighted and explained in the Cobseo Weekly News.

Members are invited to discuss their self-evaluation with Cobseo to identify the support and assistance available. To do so, please complete the self-reporting tool and then forward the Excel file to with the subject line ‘Member Self-Reporting Tool *Organisation Name*’.

The 2019 target date for current Full and Regimental Members to complete the tool on behalf of their organisations is Friday 28 June 2019. The tool can be downloaded using the link below:

Governance Self-Reporting Tool

There is also a short how-to guide available for any Members requiring additional help – click here for the guide. Additionally, there is a document that details how Cobseo will use submissions – click here for more on submission data use.

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