Safeguarding Aide Memoire

The Cobseo Executive Committee agreed, in April 2018, to expect Member organisations to meet the minimum safeguarding requirements described in the downloadable Cobseo Aide Memoire on Safeguarding:

Cobseo Safeguarding Aide Memoire – updated 23 Feb 2022

This document contains a set of measures Member organisations are expected to have in place if working with adults at risk and/or children. The Charity Commission has recently extended their guidelines on Safeguarding to include groups of people not traditionally considered at risk. This includes staff and volunteers. See more here.

The Aide Memoire is designed to permit some flexibility in approach followed by individual Members but Cobseo encourage all Members to be able to aspire to achieve the measures listed in the Aide Memoire and demonstrate they are consistently used throughout their organisation.

This Safeguarding Aide Memoire highlights the importance attached by Members to ensure their safeguarding arrangements are consistent and in line with public and regulatory expectations.

This Aide Memoire includes:

  • An Introduction to Safeguarding – a short explanation of how it is defined and what individuals it covers
  • A Collective Approach to Safeguarding Policy – providing a basis for Members on the elements of recognised good safeguarding practices; to help advise Members on the measures that should be included within their own safeguarding policy and procedures
  • A Summary of Assistance – a detailed list of the sources, templates and other guidance available to Members to help ensure the highest operational standards are maintained at their organisation.

Cobseo Members can access the dedicated Cobseo Safeguarding Knowledge Library in the Members’ area of the website here.

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