A message from the Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC)

The following message from ASDIC provides an update on current services available.

“ASDIC plays a key role in identifying the breadth of need presented regularly at Drop-In centres across the country. Centre Leaders are also able to reach out within the communities in its many regions to those that may not have the confidence or wherewithal to seek assistance directly from more established charities.

“With the escalating situation nationwide, many Drop-Ins have had to reduce or shut down their face to face facilities during the worst of the epidemic, and many service users will need alternative means of support.  Regional Coordinators and Centre Leaders will decide what’s best in their particular areas, ensuring that their actions will be in the best interests of local people.  Many new arrangements have been put in place to help those needing support, especially those of a clinical nature, so please check websites and social media. 

“Liaison must be coordinated across all support providers within a locality, and thus ASDIC is forging relationships with Breakfast Clubs and other community-led bodies to achieve the most collaborative and efficient assistance wherever it’s needed.”  

Our Executive Members

By @Cobseo 54 years ago

Afghanistan support

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