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The Charity’s stated object, which is for the Public Benefit, is the promotion of the efficiency of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines and the advancement of the Christian faith. The overarching vision of Aggie’s is that all beneficiaries should be able to ‘live life to its fullest measure ’ which means that they should have physical, emotional and spiritual health, and be living in strong relationships. Aggie’s works in partnership with the Naval Chaplaincy Service and other naval charities to enhance the operational capability of the Royal Navy through the provision of pastoral support to serving members of the Royal Navy (including the Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary), and their families.

Through the provision of pastoral support the charity can:

  • Support personnel in training (hence reducing the numbers withdrawn from training);
  • Help people who are experiencing stress (hence reducing the numbers becoming medically non deployable);
  • Support personnel weighed down by family, financial or practical issues (hence restoring their efficiency);
  • Support families through testing times (particularly during lengthy deployments), hence reducing the numbers resigning from the Royal Navy early due to family reasons.

The CEO reports to the Board of Trustees and is line managed by the Chair of Trustees on behalf of the Board. Their purposes are:

    • To provide leadership to the charity, its staff and volunteers;
    • To ensure efficient management and administration of Aggie Weston’s staff in the execution of Board policies;
    • To build effective relationships with key stakeholders and supporters;
    • To work with the Board of Trustees to support them in formulating and reviewing the mission, strategic plan, policies, annual plans and targets;
    • To work with the Chair of Trustees to ensure that the Board receives appropriate advice and information on all relevant matters, so enabling it to fulfil its governance responsibilities.

The Board is looking for an individual who is/has:

    • An unequivocal Christian Faith and vocational call to Aggie Weston’s.
    • A gifted motivational leader and role model.
    • A servant attitude to a leadership role and discerning in the exercise of authority.
    • An ability to develop collaborative partnerships with stakeholders.
    • Self-motivating, determined and energetic in their work.
    • Noteworthy Christian mission/ministry experience (voluntary or professional).
    • Significant career achievement, ideally including RN/RM/MOD experience.
    • Able to attend other locations in the UK as required in discharge of duties.

Professionally, they have:

    • Vision with regard to long-term organisational strategy.
    • Proven achievement in building and maintaining an effective, harmonious staff team.
    • Innovative and entrepreneurial in strategic development and collaborative partnering to further Aggie Weston’s mission, both within the Naval Service and with other civilian/military organisations.
    • Ability to maintain an overview of complex finances.
    • Awareness of the regulatory framework for the Charity sector.
    • Understanding of communications/PR and an ability to oversee implementation of a Communications Strategy.
    • Effective in planning, prioritising and problem solving.
    • Skilled in report writing and in all forms of communication.
    • Computer literacy.
    • Committed to promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct throughout the Charity.

Resources provided and required

    • Fully-serviced office at Castaway House (where several RN charities are collocated).
    • Private car owner/driver insured for business use.

For further information and a full Job Description please contact the Chair of Trustees by email.

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