An update from Scottish Veterans Residences

Please find an update on 27 March here.

An update from Scottish Veterans Residences has been shared:

Our Residences will remain open and continue to provide accommodation, catering and support for Veterans in need.

We will continue to take referrals for support for homeless Veterans through the normal referral pathways, unless we have reached our normal capacity.

We will mitigate the risk of continuing to take referrals by asking the individual Veteran about their health and observing them for relevant symptoms.

If we consider an individual may have been exposed, we are likely to offer accommodation on provision that the individual self-isolates in their room for the first 14 days.

Rosendael and Whitefoord House applicants may also be provided with initial accommodation at Bellrock Close, dependent on the applicant’s individual circumstances.

Our Executive Members

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Afghanistan support

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