Artist aims to raise £2,000 for SSAFA through isolation art

An artist has decided to raise £2,000 for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity after she began drawing during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sherin Aminossehe, from London, always enjoyed drawing and only managed to indulge in her love of sketching on weekly basis. However, following the coronavirus pandemic, Sherin has able to indulge in her love of sketching more regularly.

After beginning a daily sketch on Twitter and taking some advice from colleagues, Sherin began a sponsored draw for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. Sherin began drawing each day during the lockdown and has created over 70 drawings so far.

Sherin Aminossehe said:

“It was my mother who taught me to draw, showed me all the techniques I know, encouraged me to use different materials and encouraged me to do art.

I am therefore doing a drawing a day, a sponsored draw if you like, of all the favourite places we want to go to but are unable to do so whilst we are in lockdown, travelling the world with my pen, one sketch at a time.”

Sherin, who works at the Ministry of Defence, decided to raise money for SSAFA through her isolation art.

“I chose SSAFA because of the wide range of support that they give and the fact that they are not a single-issue charity – that was important to me.”

You can sponsor Sherin here:

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