Bromley-based D-Day Veteran celebrates 100th birthday

Shipmate Cyril Durban, a D-Day Veteran and founding member of the RNA’s Bromley Branch recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

“Dad heard his close friends saying that because he had been an air cadet he would of course join the Royal Air Force.” Said his daughter, Gillian Hotine, “Because he never did what people expected him to, he joined the Royal Navy.”   

Cyril joined HMS Ganges as a Boy Sailor in June 1942 moving on to serve in HMS Brilliant between June 1942 and February 1943 and then to HMS Primrose a Flower Class Corvette in October 1943 until June 1945 and was discharged in May 1946. Cyril also received a Legion D’Honneur for his services on D-Day.

Gillian said:

“We feel very fortunate to still have such an active Dad, he has always kept himself fit and is extremely self-sufficient; the Navy set him up and taught him the routines he relies on today; he does his own shopping, cooking and ironing (every sock!).    

“He has such a positive attitude to life, he’s an inspiration to us all… Happy birthday Dad!”   

Steve Susans, Chair of the Royal Naval Association’s Bromley Branch said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to wish Cyril a very very happy birthday. As a founding member of our branch he has always been a cornerstone of what we do. 

“Cyril, a very happy birthday from everyone at the Bromley Branch and across the RNA!”   

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