BT Security is Recruiting Veterans

There are a range of roles available across the cyber security business.

Cyber security is increasingly becoming the next career for many Service leavers. The growing industry requires people with a solid understand of security procedures and practice, who can work well under pressure, which are attributes that suit former officers.

BT Security is expanding its team, so here is why it could be the right career move for you, and how to start your application.

The impact of cyber crime:

  • The worldwide cyber security market is expected to reach $101 billion by 2018, compared to $75 billion in 2015
  • The average time to contain a cyber attack is 31 days at an average cost of $639, 462
  • Organisations in financial services,  energy and utilities face substantially higher cyber crime costs
  • The top three sources primarily hit by cyber attacks are 42% healthcare, 12% retail and 11% education
  • The top sources of security incidents at companies are 34% current employees, 29% former employees and 22% business partners
  • Companies that deploy security intelligence systems enjoy a ROI of 23%.

BT Security’s mission
BT Security is primarily for protecting BT and its network. It handles around one terabyte per second through its network, and approximately 600,000 events per second. BT Security manages security services for more than 100, 000 devices belonging to 1,700 customers in 180 countries. Its 2,500 security practitioners deal with millions of cyber attacks, saving thousands of global reputations.

A great opportunity
BT Security has 113 roles available worldwide, with 28 vacancies in the UK. More roles will become available in the coming years. Some roles are fixed in specific locations, while others require travel. There is also the possibility of an international career.

More than techies 
There is a wide range of roles in cyber security, each requiring people with different skills and experiences. Some jobs do require someone with a background in digital technology, but many more do not and BT Security provides the necessary training to successful applicants. Here are some of the areas you can work in cyber security:

  • Architecture and design
  • Governance and compliance
  • Group engineering services
  • Physical security
  • Penetration testing
  • Product and portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • Sales and sales enablement
  • Security operations
  • Threat intelligence.

It includes sales
Like any business, BT Security wants to build its customer base. You may not consider sales an obvious fit, but veterans can make great salespeople. The role requires many qualities that are developed in the Armed Forces, such as:

  • Influencing
  • Negotiating
  • Relationship management
  • Dynamic personality
  • Understanding of cyber security.

Much of working in sales involves understanding the customers’ needs, rather than using hard sell tactics.

Interested in applying?
The good news is that BT Security wants to recruit veterans, and will support you during the whole application process

First, you can find a ‘buddy’ mentor with BT’s Transition Force Programme. They will give you advice and guidance, helping you to find the right role. The programme also runs career workshops.

Then, find the roles that match your needs by browsing the BT Security Careers Page. There is also more information on working for the company, and how to apply.

When you are ready to apply, email your CV and covering letter to BT Security. However, do first get as much information as possible about the role, by speaking to your ‘buddy’ mentor and using the BT Security Careers Page.

Watch these interviews with BT Security
Staff working at BT Security, which includes veterans, kindly participated in a series of interviews and webinars for us. In these invaluable resources they outline:

  • The opportunities available
  • What they look for in applicants
  • Why they are recruiting veterans
  • How to begin your application process.

Watch them now to help you with your application.

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