By George! He’s about to do it in WW2 Battledress!

From moustache growing to sourcing a period uniform, George Dwight does not do things by halves. Except, of course, the Andover Half Marathon, which he will be running in full historical kit this weekend to support SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.

The race, which will be held on Sunday  29 October, is 21 kilometres, through the historic lanes of Hampshire and Wiltshire. George will be carrying 17kg in WW2 equipment, including 37 Pattern webbing and pack.

George said:

“The costume is a nod to our heritage, and I hope to do some good by raising a bit of money in the run up to Remembrance Day too.”

George, a keen runner and serving member of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, based out of Cirencester, explained that it is important to keep the memory of the physical efforts of those soldiers who went before him alive.

George said:

“I would usually be on for a sub 1 hour 40minute half marathon, but this weekend I am going to try to do it in less than 2 hours 30 because of the added challenges of carrying weight, whilst also running in hobnailed boots!

“Twenty one kilometres around those lanes was probably not that much of a challenge for soldiers back then, so we shall see how a modern soldier deals with it!”

George explained that SSAFA is a charity close to his heart:

“It’s a great charity which has helped friends of mine whilst they were serving, and those who have left the Armed Forces.”

To help George reach his target of raising £250 for SSAFA visit:

For more information about the UK’s oldest tri-service charity, visit

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