Charities that are connected with non-charitable organisations: maintaining your charity’s separation and independence

Charity Commission is seeking feedback on draft guidance for charities that have close relationships with connected non-charitable entities or organisations.

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Consultation description

The Commission is consulting on draft guidance for charities on their relationships with connected non-charitable organisations. The draft guidance consists of:

  • detailed guidance
  • at a glance summary
  • a checklist that charities can use

Charities can work with other charitable and non-charitable organisations to further their purposes and make a difference for their beneficiaries. Setting up or maintaining a close relationship with a connected non-charitable organisation can provide benefits to charities, but it can also expose charities to additional and sometimes significant risks.

The Commission has prepared this draft guidance to help trustees understand the risks and challenges that such relationships can bring and by setting out what we expect trustees to do to deal with them.

We welcome feedback, during the consultation, on how we can further improve the usability and effectiveness of this draft.

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