Coaching Opportunity from IGF AND bETTER uP

As you know, participation in Invictus sports and adventurous challenges is all about supporting your recovery and rehabilitation. But what comes next? The Invictus Games Foundation is pleased to offer the Invictus community, including your friends and family members, free access to coaching services from BetterUp for the next 6 months.

Coaching is support, guidance and training for your personal and professional development. Outcomes can include improvements in career development, wellbeing, communication with others, leadership, strategic management, time management, and productivity.

BetterUp is a mobile-based platform that combines behavioural science, AI technology, and human interaction to drive personal growth and professional development. BetterUp puts dedicated 1:1 coaching, curated content, and more in the pocket of every individual.

With your world-class coach, you’ll get clarity on what’s next for you, build confidence, drive peak performance and get honest feedback. One-on-one coaching sessions and our extensive learning library deliver expert guidance when it matters most before, during, and after competitions. Please note that the coaching provision is not intended as therapy or treatment for mental or physical health.

To register your interest please click the below link:

The purpose of this form is to collect basic information which will be used to capture your interest in coaching and ensure BetterUp will be able to provide services in your region and preferred language. BetterUp want to ensure this opportunity is available to as many members of the Invictus community as possible with native languages being offered where they can.

More information on BetterUp and coaching can be viewed on the below links:

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