Communities Fiji Britain – Operations Director


Responsible to:         Communities Fiji Britain Board of Trustees

Purpose of the Job:

  • Lead and manage day-to-day operations of Communities Fiji Britain (CFB) including recruitment, administration and line managing all paid staff positions and volunteers.
  • To lead and identify potential future sources of sustainable funding, and write funding/grant applications on behalf of the Board of Trustees.
  • Deliver projects CFB secures the funding for, this includes monitoring and evaluation as per CFB Trustee/funder requirements.
  • Provide operational and financial reports to the CFB Board of Trustees.
  • Provide oversight and advice on welfare casework, and on occasions (and within capacity) assume lead caseworker role.
  • Lead on developing and implementing community engagement and outreach activities that support the changing needs of the Fijian community residing in the UK, as well as improve community cohesion/empowerment within the community.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other organisations supporting Fijians in the UK.
  • Lead on CFB strategic communications and develop communication tools such as social media accounts.
  • Act as the main communications contact and liaison on behalf of CFB as directed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Ensure that CFB operational activities support the strategic aims of CFB and other partner agencies.
  • Undertake projects as directed by the CFB Board of Trustees.

Financial Responsibilities

  • Develop and propose an annual budget to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Monitor and report on the budget at CFB Board meetings.
  • To work under Treasurer supervision to ensure the CFB budget is spent effectively and within budget limits.

Other Responsibilities

  • To keep abreast of the needs and emerging issues impacting on the Fijian community residing in the UK, to build on new initiatives to ensure CFB is at the forefront in understanding the key issues Fijians are facing in the UK.
  • Use data collected to shape the priorities and work of CFB and enable benchmarking with other organisations where possible that is relevant to the strategic objectives of CFB.
  • Maintain health, safety and security of self and others, with an awareness of and commitment to good safe working practice and adherence to CFB’s Health and Safety policies and procedures including safeguarding.
  • Adhere to and support CFB equalities policy, acting in ways that support equality and fair opportunities for all staff, volunteers and Trustees
  • Represent CFB at meetings (including those on evenings and weekends) as required.
  • Carry out other duties commensurate/consistent with the position as directed by the Trustees.
  • Be the lead contact for data protection, confidentiality and safeguarding for CFB.
  • Design, and lead, a training programme for CFB staff and volunteers.


Essential Desirable
Experience and Skills
At least 3 years proven experience in strategic operations. X
Demonstrable leadership and management skills. X
Accomplished written work through policy creation and complex report writing. X
Experience in writing and managing budgets. X
Evidence of successful bid applications and other revenue generating activities. X
Experience in research and benchmarking of other organisations to improve services. X
Experience of digital and social media engagement. X
Sound recruitment and training experience and proven learning and development credentials for staff and volunteers. X
Experience of working in charity/not-for-profit/volunteer sectors. X
Good knowledge of welfare and immigration systems/processes. X
Experience of reporting to a Board of Trustees or equivalent senior group. X
Demonstrable understanding of working with senior stakeholders. X
An understanding of the differences between the volunteer and employee landscapes. X
Educated to degree level or equivalent through experience. X


Executive Project Manager
Our stakeholders


• Mobilises people’s energy and commitment to get services delivered to exceptional standards• Demonstrates high levels of pace, energy and commitment to providing an excellent service

• Constantly challenges teams to improve service levels and delivers the best for staff/volunteers/clients/stakeholders/CFB Trustees

• Shows respect, helpfulness and co-operation at all times

Our promises • Clearly agrees what is expected of others and holds them to account

• Communicates clearly, concisely, accurately and in ways that promote understanding

• Recognises the achievements of others

• Takes responsibility for delivering promises

• Supports others to ensure promises are delivered

Our innovations • Takes appropriate risks but knows when to ask for support

• Encourages cross organisational interaction to improve knowledge across CFB and inspire new thinking

• Listens to staff/volunteers/clients/stakeholders/CFB Trustees to identify areas requiring improvement

• Provides an environment that supports and develops new ideas

• Supports and encourages actions for improvement

• Equates the impact of innovations and pushes on to higher levels

Our people Identifies development needs and supporting goals with each individual member of staff and supports their attainment.

• Delegates and empowers CFB staff/volunteers to achieve their full potential

• Proactively recruits, retains and develops a diverse range of talented people

• Communicates and shares information with all staff

• Communicates CFB’s strategic objectives to make them a reality

• Exhibits professional excellence, inspiring trust and respect

• Works to develop an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual support

Smart with money


Ensures CFB staff/volunteers understand their contribution to delivering value for money

• Strives to deliver the highest quality of services at an affordable price

• Saves money through smarter working

• Acts responsibly to procure services and goods to the desired quality and best price

• Manages budgets skilfully and flexibly

Interested individuals should send their CV and covering letter to

Deadline for applications: 10 April 2022


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