Concerts Provide Health Benefits For Care Home Residents


Research shows that music can have a powerful therapeutic effect on those living in care, particularly on older people with dementia.

Since it was founded for ‘the comfort, cheer and entertainment’ of servicemen injured in WWI, The Not Forgotten Association has organised annual concert programmes in ex-service care homes across the UK. This year’s series, which will provide fun, entertainment and a much-needed boost to over 4,000 people, has just begun with 10 concerts in Scotland.

These are some of the very positive comments we have recently received about the concerts:

“The NFA concerts mean a great deal to our residents. They lift the spirits and boost the morale, not only of the residents and staff, but also their relatives who see their father in a happy environment and interacting socially with other residents and staff. This not only builds the residents’ self-confidence, but comforts family members that their loved one is well cared for both physically and mentally. Staff also feel boosted when residents interact with them during the concerts, whether singing along or dancing which also increases the residents’ physical activity.
Music reduces levels of stress and anxiety and also improves the ability for residents to reminisce, bringing back happy memories that they can share. You only have to see the smiles on their faces during the concerts to know what a difference it makes to everyone. I would like to thank the NFA for having a meaningful impact on our residents’ wellbeing.”

Alison Laverty, Administration Manager, Sir Gabriel Wood’s Mariners Home

“All our residents live with dementia. Music is one of the most recognised therapies for those living with dementia, it promotes memory and interaction with others, calms episodes of stress and reduces distressed behaviour. As well as promoting memory and stimulation, it promotes fitness for those residents able enough to enjoy dancing along to the music.
The residents, relatives and staff come together at your concerts promoting relationship centred care and the residents’ mood is improved. It helps people to interact when they cannot socialise independently any longer. The NFA team are a positive influence and a welcome addition to our activities programme.”

Carol McPhail, Activities Assistant, Erskine Home

“Our residents always look forward to the concerts as they know what a wonderful time they will have being transported by music to a time in their lives which holds so many memories, some good some sad, but they love to remember all the same.
One of our residents, who does not interact very much, always sings the words to every song and her husband, who visits her daily, usually has tears rolling down his face as he is so delighted to see his wife come alive in this way.”

Julie Wyllie, Manager, Ancaster House Care Home


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