Coronavirus – The Warrior Programme Update

The need for Warrior is greater than ever as individuals negotiate isolation, financial insecurity, health fears and uncertainty over the future. The tools and techniques the programme teaches are central and critical to building resilience, feeling in control of your circumstances and creating a calm and measured response. We are therefore not only adapting to support our existing Warriors in these new circumstances but also preparing to support far larger numbers of those who are particularly vulnerable at this time.

We have responded to the need at pace and we have designed training and support packages as follows:

Current Warriors

We have developed online training packages to support those who have already attended the 3 day residential Foundation Programme. This consists of:

· Weekly Facebook ‘live’ sessions to engage and provide welcome relief from COVID 19

· Weekly Zoom workshops where our trainers review key concepts and techniques taught on the course allowing participants to embed these processes still further. Conducting these sessions over Zoom encourages interaction and engagement and also provides Warriors with a forum to exchange thoughts, ideas, motivation, inspiration and share useful information with each other.

These workshops are recorded and then placed on to our online portal for Warriors to review as some are unable to make the call whilst others require more time to reflect and process the information.

The intention is to provide an expanded online library enabling Warriors to ‘Revise, Refresh or Reboot’ at their own convenience at home.

Warriors booked on postponed courses

This is for those potential participants who were to attend the courses that we have now postponed.

We have designed a bespoke ‘Pre Course’ online support package. The intention is to:

· Introduce the key concepts and techniques taught on the 3 day Foundation Programme

· Provide some thought provoking ideas on how to think,

· Identify what is important and to focus on what they want to achieve for themselves and their families going forward.

Once these modules have been completed, participants will be invited to a closed Facebook group where they will be able access further ‘live’ sessions and Zoom workshops. All these sessions will be recorded and accessed via the online library.

We are investing our time, experience and resource to ensure all Warriors, past, present and future, can access all our material and coaching support during these challenging times and at their convenience, whilst still benefitting from the support of and interaction with the training team.

The feedback that we have received to date has been excellent and we will continue to develop the online resource in line with the needs and preferences of our beneficiaries.

Going forward

We are in the development stage of migrating the 3 Day Foundation Programme online. This will enable us to commence courses even under the level of restrictions currently in place. We recognise that even when restrictions are relaxed, many of our participants are in the vulnerable categories and therefore our planning is to ensure we can deliver our full suite of support on line for these individuals.

Our Executive Members

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