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Dunkirk opens as 400,000 British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea, they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. George Wagner was one of those young men and after decades of burying the memory of his experience, he opened up to Gemma Morgan (Former Army Captain, Kosovo) and Louis Nethercott (Former Royal Marine Commando, Afghanistan) in the Contact short Film Dunkirk Today.

Alongside Warner Brothers, Contact has produced the short film Dunkirk Today which highlights the similarities and differences across the past 77 years of conflict.

Our stars, Gemma, George and Louis, have all served their country, albeit in very different conflicts, and in the inspiring short film they openly discuss public support for their respective campaigns as well as the impact it had on their mental health. Their frank conversation serves to illustrate the human side of conflict, and how the approach to mental health has changed over the years.

The fundamental reason Contact is so excited by this opportunity is because it gives us the chance to highlight the fact that some Veterans, of all generations, feel the effects of deployment and need our support and understanding.

On Thursday 13th July, Prince Harry joined George, Gemma and Louis as well as surviving Dunkirk Veterans and Contact partners at the world premiere of the summer blockbuster, Dunkirk. Ahead of their walk of the red carpet, Dunkirk Veterans also shared their experiences of serving in WW2 with the Prince at Kensington Palace.

HRH has been actively involved in promoting Contact and supporting our aims to simplify the way the military community can find help with their mental wellbeing. It was through him that we were given the opportunity to work.

Dunkirk Today has already garnered attraction on social media, and was broadcast at the premier in Leicester Square.

We are also very excited to be able to host beneficiaries of Contact partners at regional screenings of Dunkirk at select garrison towns on Thursday 20th July before national release of the movie on Friday 21st July thanks to Warner Brothers. The aim of these screenings is to share the Dunkirk story with those we support and hopefully make a connection with the Armed Forces community, encouraging them to reach out if they need support.

Through the partnership with Warner Brothers and Dunkirk the film, Contact has been able to promote the mental health support available to the Armed Forces community and ensure as many Service Personnel, Veterans and families gain an understanding of how the Contact partners play a part in ensuring the right support is found.

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