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N.B. For Security reasons—– As this important position in London is being advertised Online—-The Estate definition, has not been named, and is referred to as —-apartments in the  London location SW11.


Please send your CV and any relevant detail to swright@theexplorafoundation.org

You are directly responsible to the Managing Agents and the Directors for proper maintenance, appearance, stock, cleaning, security, health and safety and smooth running of the apartments in the London location, SW11  and its facilities. You will take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to ensure that these functions are carried out in conjunction with the Managing Agents and the Directors. You are to be the main operational contact with the Managing Agents, and main service contact for residents and leaseholders. You will provide an efficient and courteous high standard of personal service to all residents, leaseholders and visitors at all times and will ensure that the following duties are carried out effectively;


  • Day to day responsibility for the supervision of a residential estate, ensuring that the building and its facilities are well maintained and to make a regular inspection of the building and facilities, and to arrange for work to be done as necessary.
  • To ensure that any contractors’ storage, in the common parts complies with proper storage procedures and Health & Safety regulations.
  • In liaison with the Managing Agent, to obtain details from contractors of any works which are to be carried out to the common parts, so that residents are fully aware prior to the work commencing.
  • To produce a log of all annual maintenance and service contracts in place, ensuring that all contracted attendances are undertaken at the proper frequency and appropriate notification is provided to leaseholders and residents as required. To report any missed/delayed attendances or other performance issues to the Managing Agent and follow up with contractors directly
  • Maintain any necessary records to ensure plant and other equipment is serviced regularly, and if not, to report to the Managing Agent.
  • To arrange for minor DIY-type repairs to be undertaken by on-site staff or nominated contractors where necessary.
  • To be familiar with the lease terms. Minor breaches should be politely drawn to the attention of the resident or leaseholder. Any major breaches must be brought to the Managing Agent’s attention.
  • To have sufficient IT skills to be able to use Word and Excel and generally be able to communicate with contractors, residents and the Managing Agents by email.
  • To be responsible for the ongoing management of the Electric Vehicle Charging System in the car park, including communications with TAP, the company that invoices residents for electricity consumed. Specific training will be given to you in order to enable you to carry out this role


  • Ensure residents and leaseholders are treated in a respectful, helpful and efficient manner.
  • Complaints from Residents and leaseholders must be dealt with as soon as possible and all reasonable assistance must be given without delay
  • Any issues that arise from internal faults in the property of a resident must be properly recorded and notified to the Managing Agents
  • The Managing Agent must immediately be informed of any complaints from residents and leaseholders. Where the complaint can be resolved on site, the appropriate action should be taken to reach a resolution and should be notified to the Managing Agent


  • To ensure access is provided for maintenance and other contractors engaged to carry out work within the building and facilities
  • To be the principal site supervisor of contracting staff, ensuring that they are fully briefed on health and safety issues and general building policy. To monitor contracting staff’s work and behaviour, to be the primary contact with contractors ensuring that any error or omission is speedily remedied To monitor all contracts with the Managing Agent/Directors.

Budgets, Repairs and Stock

 Within the responsibilities and budgets delegated by the Managing Agent/Directors, to undertake all appropriate administration work, including ordering, preparation of estimates of works, communication with residents and leaseholders and regular stock-taking of any materials required on site to ensure site staff can undertake their required duties

Security and Health & Safety

  • To be the first point of contact on site for visitors, telephone callers and deliveries, as applicable
  • To maintain the security of the premises and contents, being alert to any potential threats to the security of the building and facilities, ensuring regular inspections are undertaken, maintaining full logs and proper records.
  • To be up to date with fire related procedures and to take part in regular checks of designated fire escape routes, alarms and other fire safety facilities, maintaining full logs and proper records.

To be principal key holder for the estate and to ensure that access to keys is given only to authorised people, with keys to individual properties being held in a cupboard in the Office under individual codes

  • To be responsible to the Managing Agent/Directors for maintaining the estate and the buildings in a safe and healthy condition, ensuring proper maintenance of all fire and other safety equipment.
  • To liaise with the Health & Safety Officer, Police and Fire Brigade as required.
  • To have a reasonable understanding of current fire, health and safety requirements, and appropriate supervision of contractors

Furniture and Equipment

  • To maintain an up to date inventory
  • To undertake annual stock check
  • To maintain records of those residents who use the Cycle Hoop facility and liaise with the Managing Agents in relation to any changes


  • Undertake service and regulatory training as required and any other reasonable duties      as requested by the Managing Agents/Directors.
  • To report in writing to the Managing Agents and the directors on a weekly basis on issues that have arisen at the apartment location in SW11 during the preceding week

You will be based in the Estate Office in the SW11 Location. You will be required to work a 45-hour week, Monday to Friday, with one hour off at lunchtime every day. The hours are from 08.00 to 17.00. You will be entitled to four weeks paid holiday each year and the usual sickness benefits

  • Monitoring the various security cameras around the Estate on the CCTV network
  • Reacting to and reporting any possible breaches of security, health and safety matters, fire safety issues and suspicious activity.
  • Awareness of arrivals and departures by residents, changes in occupancy by sub-tenants, indications of short term lettings or Airbnb arrangements (which are not permitted).
  • Security of the foyer doors and main entrance gates by ensuring that the locks are in good working order
  • Regularly patrol the car park to ensure only authorised cars are parked there and that all vehicles are displaying an appropriate parking permit. Visitor permits must be displayed by any cars in the car park on a temporary basis.
  • Check the common parts are free of all items and all escape routes are clear.
  • Ensure the caretakers office is tidy at all times.
  • You will be responsible for receiving parcels, packages and recorded delivery letters sent to residents and ensuring that residents are notified of such deliveries, assuming they have first signed a parcel indemnity form authorising the caretaker to accept parcels on their behalf. Parcels/packages which do not fit in post boxes are to be held by you and the residents notified to arrange collection, especially if running into a weekend.
  • Familiarise yourself with all the various procedures regarding mechanical plant, and ensure you know the appropriate emergency procedures and are aware of the contact details particularly in relation to the lifts and the shutters to the car park access.
  • Maintain records regarding the holding of keys and other procedures which may be required.
  • Assist with the supervision of any contractors instructed to attend site.
  • Provide supervision and support to all other members of site staff and arrange cover for any periods of absence.
  • Carry out duties as directed by the Managing Agents or Directors of the SW 11 location as reasonably required when not in conflict with other duties.
  • Log any incidents or occurrences in the occurrence book.

Management of Contractors

You will be required to supervise the activities of contractors. In particular;

  • You should report immediately to the Managing Agents should you have concerns in these areas.

If any contractor takes any action so as to cause damage to any of the common areas e.g. the lifts, carpets, paint-work then this shall be reported to the Managing Agents so that they may take such steps as may be necessary to obtain redress for the company. Minor issues may be taken up directly yourself, but more major issues which may become contentious should not be taken up by you directly

  • You will be required to ensure that all contractors on site adhere to the Company’s Health and Safety policy,
  • You will be expected to ensure that none of the activities undertaken by contractors for the estate breaches the security for the estate – e.g. wedging open fire escape doors, etc..
  • You will be required to ensure that supplies of light bulbs, cleaning materials, estate supplies and such other consumables as may be necessary are available at the estate in order to ensure that the proper maintenance of the site is never disrupted. Accounts with suppliers for the provision of such products will be organised by the Managing Agents and copies of order notes for materials purchased should be sent to the Managing Agents.

Management of Plant and Machinery

You will be expected to ensure that the Plant and Machinery on site is properly secured and kept under lock and key so that it is not interfered with by individual lessees, residents, children, unconnected contractors or other unauthorised persons. You will be required to establish and maintain an inventory of all property belonging to the Management Company held on the premises. Plant and Machinery rooms must be kept free from debris and rubbish at all times. However, with the agreement of the Managing Agents, Company supplies or equipment may

Management of Access to the Building

You will be required to keep control of the issuance and cancellation of access keys whether they be fobs or such other system as may be in operation at the SW 11 location. In conjunction with the record of keys which have been issued, you will be required to maintain a register of’ the residents and who is actually living in each property, as this may be important in the event of an emergency.

Management meetings

The Board of Directors has regular management meetings, and you may be expected to attend to report on developments on the estate.

  • Every key regardless of status or function must be accounted for at all times.
  • No key is to be removed from the building at any time.
  • Keys are only to be issued to persons authorised to receive them following evidence presented showing consent from the owner.
  • The following details should be recorded in the log when the resident’s keys are issued:-

Date and time of issue

Identity of key


Recipient to whom returned

  • Any key believed to be lost, compromised or damaged must be reported immediately to the Managing Agents.
  • You must be courteous and attentive to residents and their guests at all times
  • You are to be smart and presentable in appearance whilst on duty. A high standard of personal hygiene is required at all times.
  • Except in emergencies, you must not leave the premises without the prior permission of the Directors or the Managing Agents.
  • The consumption or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other substance abuse whilst on duty is not permitted. Breach of this requirement will result in immediate suspension from duty and subsequent dismissal.
  • Smoking is not permitted within the common parts of the SW11 location. There is a designated area outside the SW11 location which has been allocated for smoking during break times.

8          APPRAISAL

Each year, at the time of your pay review, your performance under this contract will be appraised by the Directors, and an assessment of your performance will be given to you. The Directors will consider the following areas in making its assessment:

The costs of running the estate for the year, whether costs are in budget or not, the steps which you have initiated to minimise costs.

  • The management of the staff during the year, whether there have been problems with holidays, absenteeism, complaints from the staff or residents
  • The condition of the estate during the year – whether works have been completed promptly.
  • The incidence of security breaches during the year.
  • The quality of records kept for the estate during the year.
  • The level of complaints received from leaseholders by the Managing Agents or the Directors.

be stored in such areas.

  • The level to which you have pro-actively established and maintained necessary systems and procedures to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the estate
  • The level of your attendance time-keeping and general availability to respond to reasonable requests from the Managing Agent ot the Directors and residents.

In addition, the  Directors and the Managing Agents will endeavour at the start of each review period to set specific and measurable goals which you will be expected to achieve in order to continuously improve the efficient and cost-effective management of the SW 11 location.

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