Help and support for Service Leavers and their Families

As part of the introduction of the Defence Holistic Transition Policy, Defence Transition Services (DTS) has been created. DTS is a wholly owned MOD organisation, administered and run by Veterans UK, which is part of Defence Business Services.

Self Referral / Third Party Referral Form and Notes about How to Complete

Referral from a Tr-Service Military Authority or Military Contractor

What we do

Defence Transition Services will operate as part of the Defence Holistic Transition Policy to provide a full range of transition support for Service Leavers and their families. The DTS team will work to support single Service business areas responsible for transition and work directly with Service Leavers to provide advice and support to encourage Service Personnel and their families to plan early and leave well.

How we can help

The Chain of Command and those responsible for delivering in-Service welfare and transition support will identify potentially vulnerable Service leavers who in turn will be referred to DTSDTS caseworkers offer professional help and guidance primarily by email or telephone, or if needed, during a client visit. By ensuring early identification and onward referral of those Service Personnel and their families who are likely to benefit from ongoing support, advice and information before, during and after transition, DTS will help to facilitate a smooth and successful transition from Service. To enable referrals into DTS, a new protocol has been introduced called the Defence Transition Referral Protocol (DTRP).

Defence Transition Referral Protocol

Defence Transition Referral Protocol (DTRP) is the new protocol combining the DTS referral process and the preceding Tri-Service Welfare Referral Protocol (TSWR), to produce a single referral point and access directly into Veterans UK for DTS specific cases and for complex cases previously referred under the TSWR protocol to the Veterans Welfare Service (VWS). The TSWR protocol is now superseded by the Defence Transition Referral Protocol (DTRP) although referrals via both mechanisms will be accepted for the first seven months after DTS launches, at which point only referrals made via DTRP will be accepted.

Referral Process

Referrals for support from VWS and DTS will be made via either DTS Form 1 or DTS Form 2. Form 1 is to be used by any responsible tri-Service military authority, including; those involved with Defence Recovery Capability (DRC); anyone with responsibility for transition; unit welfare staff; Service admin staff; specialist welfare providers from all branches of the Front Line Commands and those connected with the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC). This protocol can also be utilised by MOD Contractors/Partners involved in (pre/post) discharge processes who identify Service Personnel and their families requiring additional support with transition issues.

Form 2 activates a self-referral facility that exists as part of the DTRP which enables access to DTS/VWS. Form 2 is to be used by an individual Service Leaver and/or family member to initiate contact and self-refer to seek appropriate transition support. This form can also be used by third party organisations, such as charities and Local Authorities who may have been directly approached by Service Personnel and their families requiring support.

Contact Us

Please contact DTS via our central email address:

Veterans UK

DTS is party of Veterans UK, which administers the Armed Forces Pension schemes and compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service. It works alongside the Veterans Welfare Service, which provides welfare support for veterans of any age.

Veterans UK can be contacted via the helpline on 0808 1914 2 18.

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