“I’m so grateful for the RAF Benevolent Fund repairing my house while I underwent cancer treatment”

RAF veteran Elizabeth was struggling with the coldness of her home whilst recovering from cancer treatment.

Thankfully, RAF Benevolent Fund stepped in to provide the necessary home repairs to improve Elizabeth’s quality of life and safety at home.

Elizabeth Boyall, from Lossiemouth, worked as an RAF Medical Administrator leaving the air force as a Sergeant after 22 years of service.

Her career saw her stationed in Germany, Cyprus, Kosovo, the Falkland Islands, Hong Kong, UK-wide, and she also served in the Gulf conflict. Elizabeth left the RAF in 2005 having achieved the rank of Corporal.

In 2022, Elizabeth had surgery following a diagnosis of breast cancer, and was unable to work. She reached out to the Fund for financial support to help towards her living expenses during her recovery, as she was starting to struggle.

The Fund replaced windows in Elizabeth’s home that were 35 years old, as well as her draughty, single-glazed front door, which caused the house to be extremely cold.

Elizabeth said:

“It was always very cold in my house and when I was going through my cancer treatment, it was miserable. I was off work for three months once the treatment had finished and I was depressed.

She continued:

“I felt stuck because I couldn’t move anywhere else, but I felt like I would never be able to get these things done to the house. I was always worried about the work that needed doing, and that contributed to my low mood and how I felt about life generally.”

Elizabeth also had a security light fitted enabling her to feel safer at home.

Since the Fund stepped in to assist with the repairs, Elizabeth, who lives alone at home with her four pets, said:

“I’m now much warmer and having the safety of the security light helps a lot when I go out at night with the dogs.”

Elizabeth now works part time for a charity providing mental health support for people with complex care needs. She understands the importance of seeking help and the benefit to those in need. She added:

“I’ve felt really supported by the RAF Benevolent Fund.

“The support showed me that there was somebody out there to help me, and I felt like someone cared – I didn’t feel so hopeless. I’m so grateful for the Fund’s help.”

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