Innovative use of ‘Dead Space’ in the Hospitality Sector

According to industry experts, bedroom and bed-space occupancy across the serviced accommodation sector (Resorts, hotels, cottages and B&Bs) has on average remained flat and ranges between 8 out of ten rooms to 7 in in ten rooms in the North of the country.  From the data available in the EU occupation ranges from just three in ten to 7 in ten.  There are clearly seasonal variations but minimising Dead Space is a challenge for all.

How to make the most of this spare capacity and make it profitable

A number of hotel and property owners, at home and overseas, are already donating their spare capacity to charity.  The Military Charity Give Us Time assists Service families who are in need: the beneficiaries have suffered bereavement, physical injuries and mental illnesses, have challenging financial circumstances and/or separation due to deployment. The best way to employ your spare capacity is to donate it to charitable causes like Give Us Time.

The benefits of donating to a charitable cause

GiveusTimeThe benefits are not just a boost to your charitable profile and the opportunity to restore family relationships, support the Armed Forces and give a little back.

The week or weekend breaks are an opportunity to increase the turnover in your restaurants, bars and beauty centres, which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Giving to this charitable cause would not only satisfy and help retain your current customer base: 91% of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit, but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues.  Your actions would also open up a new customer base and allow you to benefit from some positive PR and costless marketing opportunities.  Give Us Time and its military families are grateful and would publicise your generosity through its network and supporters and beneficiaries would encourage friends to choose your business rather than another one: personal recommendations have a deep impact.

“CLC World Resorts & Hotels recognises that it is often difficult for charities such as Give Us Time to source sufficient accommodation to meet their needs. That is why we are delighted to support Give Us Time, and similar charities, allowing families the opportunity they may not otherwise have to holiday together.”

Graham Wilding, UK Operations Director at CLC World

Why donate to Give Us Time

The impact of a respite break away from the stresses or military life is tangible and effective.  Our data show that a holiday reduces stress, enhances the dynamics of a family strengthening relationships and improves self-confidence. 91% of our beneficiaries experience positive change and no one has reported detrimental effects. A stunning 98% feels much more optimistic towards their future thanks to the holiday they had.

It was a huge humbling experience for me: having the general public and businesses giving up the holidays, to help our military families in need of rest and rehabilitation, was overwhelming! You are not just providing a vital holiday to a military family, you are not giving us a hand out. You are giving us a hand up. And that’s priceless”.

Scotty Darroch, former corporal in the Army’s Royal Logistic Corps, now Invictus Games athlete

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