Introducing Operation Bletchley

Operation Bletchley is your virtual codebreaking challenge. You can take part in anywhere in the world using your phone or fitness tracker.

Can you cover the 50 mile route, on foot, throughout the month of July, cracking the codes as you go? With three levels to chose from, junior codebreaker, codebreaker or cypher expert, can you figure out the code and deliver the message before it’s too late?

Your mission…

It’s 1941 and the United Kingdom is in terrible danger. Luftwaffe bombs are raining down on towns and cities across the nation. The Royal Air Force guards the skies and the Navy protects the seas, but the threat of invasion has never been higher. German spies could destroy our telephone network at any moment, so the Home Guard is tightening up security around the capital.

We need you to help us secure a new line of communication from Bletchley Park to the Cabinet War Rooms in London. Walk or run the 50-mile route, making contact with key agents along the way and decrypt their coded messages.

Can you get inside the minds of the great historical code breakers, rack up the miles on foot, deliver the final message to Winston Churchill and complete your mission by the 31 July?

How it works

Operation Bletchley is a virtual event that you can take part in anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works…

  1. Sign up and link your phone or fitness tracker to your fundraising page (you can also record your distance manually if you prefer)
  2. On the 1 July, start walking at your own pace
  3. Receive updates and codes to crack every 5 miles – select your level- junior, codebreaker or cypher expert
  4. Codes will be delivered straight to your inbox
  5. Solve the codes to decipher the hidden message
  6. Complete the 50-mile journey and deliver the message to Winston Churchill by the 31st July

For more information, click here.

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