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The tide seems to be on the turn and the LifeWorks team continue to ready themselves to manage a likely increase in the numbers of veterans seeking employability support over the coming months.

The team, based at the RBLI village in Kent, are all too aware of the positive impact veterans can bring to any organisation given the chance. They feel sure, with the confidence boost and self-efficacy LifeWorks can provide, combined with the inbuilt resilience of the military community, veterans can come out of the COVID-19 crisis in a better place than many – ready to add value again.

As well as offering bespoke 1-1 employability coaching sessions for veterans every day and complimentary access to the LifeWorks-Families online learning platform, the team are hosting virtual group conversations with referral partners and conducting a full review into the LifeWorks programme as they look to move into their 10th year.

Each Wednesday, as part of the 12 month ReachBack process, the LifeWorks Progression Adviser Roger Leeder invites beneficiaries to join a group conference call to share experience and plug back in with one of the experienced coaches. Additionally, every Friday the team host a virtual drop in session where service leavers and veterans are welcome to join a conversation and more about the LifeWorks team, the programme and the way it has supported over 1500 veterans back into meaningful work. Eligible individuals are encouraged to register their details here, or call the team on 0800 319 6488.

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