Living with disability: a Gurkha hero’s daughter

Life in Nepal can be hard at the best of times. For those who suffer from a disability, it can be an almost impossible experience.

This is equally true for the children of many of our Gurkha pensioners. As fathers, our veterans are deeply concerned with the wellbeing of their family, especially as they grow older and are faced with the prospect of no longer being around to help them.

To ensure that some of the more vulnerable children of Gurkha veterans are able to live with dignity, we provide Disability Support Grants after the loss of their parents. This ongoing assistance helps them to survive in a country with limited healthcare, welfare support and infrastructure.

A Gurkha veteran’s daughter

Bhagawati Panth Chhetri’s father, Rifleman Dil Bahadur Khatri, fought alongside Britain in some of the most intense action of World War Two. With the Chindits in Burma, he was part of long-range jungle missions deep behind enemy lines.

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