Lloyd’s Military Network placement scheme

The Placement Scheme

The Lloyd’s ex-military placement scheme offers veterans the opportunity of a work placement in the most advanced insurance market in the world. The placement has two objectives: firstly, to bridge the knowledge and experience gap of candidates by providing access to on-the-job training and a route to possible employment opportunities in the firms looking to hire.

Secondly, we actively engage with hiring managers in the market to discuss the benefits of recruiting ex – military talent whilst addressing any perceptions or perceived limitations of military personnel. Success against these objectives allows us to achieve our goal of identifying and curating tailored opportunities for ex-military to find employment in the London and wider insurance market.

What’s in it for me?

The scheme has been running for over five years and during that period we have had an 80-90% success rate in candidates on the scheme securing roles in the industry. This is directly as a result of individuals being able to showcase the skills that they bring to prospective employees.

The scheme normally runs over eight weeks with all participants starting on the same date. Participants will be placed in either one company for the full duration, or two different companies for four weeks each; this will depend on the firm’s availability and prospective opportunities. Where possible, we will try and align individuals to placements that match where they want to be (i.e. project managers into project management roles) but this may not always be possible as we appreciate that many applicants might not know where they see themselves fitting, and the opportunities may not map across. If you have a particular interest, please indicate this on the application form.

What’s in it for hosting companies?

In the time that we have been running the placement scheme, over 100 veterans have been employed across the insurance industry into roles where they might not have necessarily been considered for. These individuals have demonstrated the skills and attributes that veterans bring to prospective employers over a relatively short placement and have gone onto to succeed in the industry across a wide variety of roles. Candidates are extremely self-sufficient, proactive and keen to be adding value from the very beginning of a placement; they will be able to hit the ground running with minimal support and many candidates have picked up complex projects during their placements.

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