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RAF Central Fund

Charity Number: 1152560

Sitting within the heart of the Royal Air Force, the RAF Central Fund, originally founded by serving RAF personnel are dedicated to providing support to enhance the sense of well-being, morale and community cohesion for those serving in the RAF today and into the future.

Contact Information
SO2 Service Funds, HQ Air command
Hurricane Block
Ground Floor,RAF High Wycombe
HP14 4UE
01494 569068

Support Offered

Direct financial assistance, primarily through grant making to assist with:

Community support and welfare projects
Supporting the RAF Sports Associations
Support for individual, section and unit sporting endeavours
Capital support for sport facilities
Personal development awards
Expeditionary welfare grants
Donations to linked Service charities to support the serving RAF community

Our Executive Members

By @Cobseo 54 years ago

Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here