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To promote and improve mental health awareness and suicide reduction among veterans and family members of the British armed forces living in England and Wales, for the public benefit by preventing them from becoming socially excluded. relieving the dynamic needs with the provision of support services, events, activities, and courses, which promote a sense of belonging and purpose in civilian life.

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The Trinity
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Support Offered

STEPWAY deliver three main support services.
· 7-step civilian skills program – A course built round mental health awareness, survival kit for civilian life, health body health mind, leading to employment and educational opportunities.
· Banter and Brew sessions – A drop-in service for veterans and family members to have a free breakfast, join in with activities like, art sessions, walk and talk, and table tennis. guest speakers monthly. Working with a variety of organisations and charities for warm referrals.
· The Community Projects – A safe place for the veteran and wider community to visit and take part in activities including: How to grow your own produce at home, Beekeeping, Mushroom farm, Bushcraft and Archery.
These three services are delivered throughout Worcestershire Gloucestershire and the West Midlands. Replicated services for the Prison in-reach Programme at HMP Oakwood and HMP Hewell and supporting the families on the outside.

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Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here