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We are Calvert Exmoor; a registered charity providing stimulating, exciting and accessible breaks and activities for children, adults, families and groups with disabilities. A Gold Standard AHEOC certified centre, we have been welcoming guests with physical, behavioural, sensory and learning disabilities since its establishment in 1996. We pride ourselves on providing a positive and safe environment where guests can challenge themselves in numerous ways by taking part in an exclusive range of accessible adventurous activities. Situated at the edge of Wistlandpound Reservoir, among beautiful pine forests and rippling streams, our fully accessible centre offers high-quality facilities and professionally adaptive accommodation, all nestled within the rolling hills of Devon’s Exmoor National Park.

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Calvert Exmoor takes a unique and person-centred approach. We assist our guests along their journey to a more confident and empowered self, with an inclusive attitude and atmosphere from our staff and centre at all times. Whether guests visit by themselves, with family and friends or as part of a group, we offer breaks and activities for everyone, regardless of age or ability.
Guests’ social skills develop naturally through the cultivation of deeper connections with other people within and outside of their group during their stay through activities and down-time. As a charity, we ensure that a financial situation isn’t a barrier to guests accessing our experiences. We do this through subsidising the rate our guests pay in comparison to commercial activity centres, as well as offering a bursary to those who are even more disadvantaged financially.

The Calvert experience helps to address physical and emotional isolation among families and individuals, as the support from our instructors encourages guests to build resilience and increase independence through being exposed to entirely new experiences in a safe and inclusive atmosphere with others. Visiting our centre, for the majority of our guests, is a catalyst for positive change, with a butterfly effect that leads to their increased self-worth, social skills and emotional resilience filtering into their everyday lives. Even during their visit, guests will often find themselves so invigorated that they book their next trip while here.

We often hear from guests after their visit and many report that their time at Calvert Exmoor has enriched their lives and empowered them to maximise their capabilities in every facet of their life.

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