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Troop Aid

Charity Number: 1164106
Company Number: 09415167

To Relieve Serving Personnel Of The Armed Forces, Injured In Situations Of Armed Conflict, In Particular But Not Exclusively In Afghanistan Who Are In Need By Reason Of Distress, Injury, Sickness, Disability Or Other Disadvantage, Through Such Charitable Means As The Trustees Think Fit

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Unit 21 Radway Road
B90 4NR
0121 711 7215

Support Offered

Supplying the basic essentials

In addition to our emergency Grab Bag pack we also supply on demand to the injured service personnel many other items of toiletries, clothing and footwear such as tracksuits, hoodies, fleeces trainers plus mobile phones. We deal directly with the Defence Medical Welfare Service and other military medical establishments in the UK and abroad where there is a need.

We will be sponsoring the Garden at Fisher House ( A Home from Home for Families of injured troops) close to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham

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Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here