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Veterans Growth

Charity Number: 1183537

Veterans’ Growth provides horticultural therapy to veterans facing mental health issues.
Set amidst beautiful Sussex farmland, our site offers a relaxing green space where veterans can come to immerse themselves in nature and learn horticultural skills.
During their time on site, participants socialise with other veterans, gain confidence, knowledge and experience and some go on to find employment within the industry.
The charity also conducts woodland management and green woodwork, alongside Mechanics and Carpentry skills.
The aim of the charity is to provide support and a place on the programme to every veteran in the UK who wants to attend and/or is unable to access help through other channels.
If one life is saved as a result of contact with the charity, we will call it a success.

Contact Information
Rocks Farm
Oast Cottage Lane
TN35 4RS
07379 435513

Support Offered

Veterans’ Growth is run by a veteran with a lived experience, the staff understand that all veterans are different and need different levels of assistance and are all fully trained to provide the best level of service to the veterans community.
Veterans Growth receives referrals from the NHS Op Courage team up and down the country and has contacts to enable us to advise veterans where help that cannot be provided by our small team can be given by other organisations.
Our team consists of Social and Therapeutic trained Horticulturists, Woodland skills manager and many many more skills that can be used to assist a veteran in their personal journey.

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