Naval Community: Start-Up Skills 2-Day Workshop

12 and 13 December – 09:30am

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Why attend?

Our Two-Day Business Start Up Skills course expands on the content from our Self Employment Discovery workshop. This course provides specific training for members of the naval community who are intending to start up their own businesses develop their ideas and launch them.

The course combines a range of down to earth, practical advice and essential application tools to start a successful business.

The aim of this course is to equip potential entrepreneurs with the tools to move forward with their ideas from planning to launch. The course is ideal for anyone interested in starting their own business or enterprise and is tailored towards your specific business idea.

The content covered will include:

– What it is to be an entrepreneur – fact and misconceptions.

– In-depth analysis of the business plan – to enable individuals to understand their business in context.

– Marketing – market research, understanding the market, market segmentation, competitors, marketing oneself effectively.

– Money and finance – covered in an accessible, interactive way enabling individuals to understand what to consider, how to apply it and risk mitigation.

– Networking, Connections, Support.

– Legal aspects – covering various points from intellectual property to legal set-ups for starting a business.

– Sustainability – including on-going client management and client acquisition, building out and developing a business plan over time.

– Growth and how to manage it – staff recruitment.

Starting time each day will be 9:30 and we will finish by 16:30.

Am I eligible?

This course is available for the following individuals (aged over 18):


Military personnel who are not eligible to attend this workshop:


If you are Service Leaver in your resettlement period, please register via CTP website and select CTP: Enterprise & Self-Employment 2-Day Workshop instead of our Naval: Start-Up Skills 2-Day Workshop.


Please register for ABF Self-Employment Discovery Workshop or ABF: Start-Up Skills 2-Day Workshop instead.

Please contact us via email if you are interested to join this event but you do not meet our eligibility criteria. We can point you to the right direction and present options.


What do I need for this workshop?

A personal laptop or tablet with webcam and microphone enabled, and a stable broadband connection with at least 2Mbps spare bandwidth and a fixed, quiet environment. Oh, and a pen/notepad next to you in case you want to make any notes! You will be also emailed a wokbook prior to the event.

How do I join the workshop online?

The workshop will be hosted using Zoom, and you can join via most browsers, or use the Zoom app.

You will be emailed further information one day prior to the workshop, including how to get online & join the virtual workshop for free.

We highly suggest to follow the joining instructions below:

  • Please start joining the event at 9:20 AM so we can ensure you have been connected.
  • Join event via Zoom link provided in email. If the link doesn’t work for any reason, please try joining by inserting Meeting ID and Passcode above.
  • Please add your full name, then you will be let in the waiting room, and someone will let you in.
  • We highly recommend downloading Zoom app to your phone, or laptop desktop prior to the event.
  • Please note some MOD / company laptops do not allow to join Zoom calls outside of the company due to security measurements. Use your personal device, such as phone, tablet, or laptop instead.

What do I need to do in advance of the course?

You must sign up to XFE Hub as a member and complete the questionnaire before the training.

Is there X-Forces further support available?

Our workshops are just the start of the support we can offer you. Alternatively, should you feel ready to proceed, we can assign you a dedicated Business Advisor who will help you apply for start-up funding, following which you will be eligible for our 12-monthly mentoring programme. You can also attend our virtual networking events which we host on every other Thursday or business masterclasses which are run twice a month using our sponsors and subject matter experts to provide detailed training.

What if I can no longer attend the workshop?

We do understand that unexpected work responsibilities or family commitments might occur on the day of the event, please kindly inform us in advance via email if you are unable to attend this event. By letting us know in advance you will allow your ticket to be reused to somebody else who can attend particular date.

If the date does not work for you, we can offer you different availability.

For any enquiries, please contact X-Forces Event Coordinator via phone number 0121 724 0655 or email

This event is funded by Greenwich Hospital.

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