New SSCE Cymru Service Family Guide now available

The aim of the SSCE Cymru Service Family Guide is to provide information on education and living in Wales and the support that is available to schools, parents/carers and Service children.

The structure and content of the Service Family Guide was developed based on the findings of the SSCE Cymru parent/carer survey findings report. Content for the guide was produced with the support of the SSCE Cymru network, to ensure the most relevant and accurate information is provided.

The SSCE Cymru Service Family Guide includes the following sections:

  • Service children’s experiences
  • Armed Forces in Wales
  • Living in Wales
  • Education in Wales
  • School admissions and term-time absence
  • Health, wellbeing and ALN
  • School support.

Download the SSCE Cymru Service Family Guide here

Any queries or feedback regarding the content of the SSCE Cymru Service Family Guide, should be directed to

Our Executive Members

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