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Sapper Support has continually strived to give emotional and physical support to the veterans and more recently, the 999 employees of the UK. With experience of the military, appropriate training and life skills we are uniquely placed to understand the complex issues of our callers.

Being first in line to catch them before they spiral down in the abys has proven extremely successful in helping them to fall no further, and return to a semblance of normality.

Part of this process is introducing them to agencies and organisations that we, Sapper Support deem to be worthy of our trust.

Our CEO Tim Evers:

“Introducing veterans and 999 personnel to agencies that could help them move forward is paramount. We are the very tip of the spear, keeping these (sometimes) broken individuals talking for hours to bypass that point of crisis in their lives. Crisis is temporary and by holding their attention until that has passed is what we do. Using a range of tools, we are able to create a bond of trust very quickly which helps to open up the lines of communication and get them talking. Once a dialogue has been established, we then look for places where we can signpost to, that will benefit the caller.”

Sapper Support has created some extremely worthy partnerships over the years. Our aim is to create a fully inclusive service, with us catching them at their lowest ebb and forwarding them onto agencies or charities that can then help to rebuild their self esteem and give them the tools to start moving forward. With this in mind we are extremely pleased to announced that we will joining forces with Team Rubicon UK.

Richard Sharp of TRUK:

“A core principle of our charity is to give renewed purpose to our people. Leaving the military can be a difficult process and we know how much our veterans have to give so we utilise those skills for the greater good, helping people most in need, filling that need to serve that is still there in veterans but often goes untapped. Charities like Sapper Support are a fundamental support to our veterans and we’re delighted with their endorsement.”

By joining forces with TRUK, we will be able to signpost appropriate veterans to a company/charity that can utilise their skills, welcome them back into that all familiar environment whilst all the time working to bring to an end, the suffering of others.

We look forward to positive future.

Our Executive Members

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