One hundred fantastic projects to bring our Forces communities together!

We’re thrilled to have awarded more than £859,000 to 100 Forces projects, that all focus on bringing our Forces communities together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With various social restrictions still in place, we were keen to support engaging and enjoyable projects that sought to overcome the current challenges we are all facing and deliver activities that bring people together in a safe way.

Life in lockdown

Military charity and media organisation, BFBS, has been awarded £10,000 to make a second series of its popular radio programme Team Talk, which features the voices and views of military families and their children. The new six part series will focus on life in lockdown, offering support to those struggling, and highlighting real life case studies, such as the effects that the Covid pandemic has had on families and individuals in remote locations, plus any possible effects on the mental and physical health of the wider military community.

Nicky Ness, Director of Broadcasting & Entertainment BFBS, told us:

“We are absolutely delighted that Team Talk will continue with the support of the Forces Communities Together programme.  The series has gained in momentum and popularity over the last six months and given the impact of lockdown alongside the isolation being felt by many in our community, we felt there was still so much more the programme could do. Sharing fun and inspirational stories, offering a platform for unheard voices and championing forces families, children and the wider military community remains at the heart of its creative purpose.”

Supporting family life

Over in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Garrison Support Unit received £9,304 to deliver their ‘plant, play and progress’ project which will see them create a community garden where children can plant seeds and grow their own flowers and vegetables. The group hopes this interactive project will help to reverse the negative impact lockdown and isolation has had on the mental health of those within the community.

The group are using the project to build on their popular summer scheme for military families. One family said the activities run by the group have “made it possible for us to get back out and enjoy family life again”.

The Army Welfare Service in Wales received £8,500 to provide activity boxes for military children and their families, encouraging them to express themselves through art and craft. Boxes will arrive on the doorstep with tutorials sent to each family supported by a monthly Zoom call with an artist. The group plans to host a gallery showcase at the end of the project.

Still together, when apart

Each of the projects supported had to show their activities could take place safely during any ongoing social restrictions. This has led to a great mix of distance learning, digital comms and finding new ways to come together when we must stay apart.

Find out more

Find out more about the positive work we’ve supported in communities across the UK. Take a look at the full list of awardees, here.

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