PTSD Resolution Conference 2023

Date: 14th OCTOBER 2023
Location: Victory Services Club, 63-79 Seymour St, Tyburnia, London W2 2HF

This one-day event, organised by the team at PTSD Resolution, brings together HG therapists from across the UK to explore the latest in PTSD treatment and research. The conference offers a unique opportunity to network, share insights, and deepen your understanding of therapy for forces’ veterans and their families.

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0900 Welcome

Delivered by our Chairman, Col Tony Gauvain (Rtd)

0910 PTSD Resolution information update
Delivered by our CEO, Charles Highett

0930 Taking Leave of Our Senses: Demystifying the shutdown response in trauma.
Delivered by Ezra Hewing

Ezra Hewing is an HG practitioner and head of mental health education at Suffolk Mind. Over a number of years, he has trained counsellors, therapists, frontline mental health workers, doctors, nurses, substance abuse workers, members of the emergency services and heads of organisations, amongst others, in how best to understand and help people handle diverse mental health concerns.

10:15 Q&A

1030 Coffee Break

1050 NICE Guidelines on a Real World Evidence (RWE) Framework – an evaluation of PTSDR’s results
Delivered by Bill Andrews

For many years NICE has focused on promoting evidence based practice. This is where research in highly refined conditions is then applied to the real world. There is now an increasing awareness of the benefits of practice based evidence, evidence which is  derived from the application of therapy in real world settings rather than the artificial  conditions set by some research projects. Bill will give an update on how Human Givens  therapy stands in light of this new development.

1120 Q&A

1150 Case studies and therapist ways of working
Delivered by Andrew Hawkins, Beth Hamilton, Corinne Marsh and Des Howden.

There will be a presentation of case studies as well as the different ways that therapists use Human Givens Therapy. Some prefer online working, others face-to-face. Some  make regular use of specific techniques such as rewind, others use fewer. Therapists will  talk through some of the people they have helped and what they have learned from the  different ways in which they have worked, as well as the range of clients they have treated. We hope to also hear from former clients as part of this although it will be subject to their availability.

1230 Q&A
– There will be a hosted panel discussion where therapists who use different approaches will compare and contrast their ways of working, as well as taking questions from the audience.
Moderated by Ros Townsend

1300 LUNCH – A selection of sandwich platters will be provided along with hot and cold drinks.

1400 P100 Findings
Delivered by Bill Andrews

Project-100, commenced in April 2022 is ongoing and expanding with over 60 HGI therapists involved. Bill has already written a comprehensive report on the initial 12 months of data and he will update us as we pass the 18 month mark. Bill will also explain the importance of the NICE Guidelines Real-World-Evidence Framework and the  implications this has for HGI in general and PTSD Resolution in particular.

1500 Emerging Trends
Delivered by Malcolm Hanson

We will be looking at some emerging trends within the field of military mental health that have implications for how therapists work with individual clients as well as the way in which organisations arrange the delivery of their services. Topics will include mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury), Moral Injury and the use of non-clinical staff to deliver a clinical effect.

1530 Q&A Panel
Moderated by Malcolm Hanson and Ros Townsend

1600 CLOSE
Charles and Tony

Coffee after finish

The Conference is for professionals engaged in trauma support and those supporting UK Forces’ Veterans and families.

To apply for tickets please email us:

Please note that tickets can only be purchased in advance – there will not be any tickets available on the door.

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