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PTSD Resolution is featured in Drink and Drug News this month, highlighting its compassionate pathway to resolving trauma and addiction among military veterans, reservists, and their families. The charity’s approach is holistic, addressing mental health issues and addiction simultaneously, recognising that addiction is often a symptom of underlying trauma.

The charity provides free therapy through a network of 200 therapists nationwide, with over 4,000 referrals to date. On average, clients resolve their issues within seven sessions. PTSD Resolution’s approach has been validated through internal analysis and independent studies, earning accreditation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ quality network for veterans mental health services.

PTSD Resolution’s inclusivity sets it apart from other service providers. The charity supports all veterans, including those with addictions and those in prison, only requiring that clients not be under the influence during therapy sessions. This approach acknowledges the ripple effect of trauma, extending support to partners and children affected by living with a traumatised person.

At the heart of PTSD Resolution’s approach lies Human Givens Therapy (HGT), which views addiction as an unhealthy coping mechanism for underlying emotional distress, often traced back to trauma. HGT aims to address the root causes of addiction by ensuring that individuals’ emotional needs are met in balanced and healthy ways. These needs include security, attention, emotional connection, and a sense of achievement.

HGT equips individuals with resources to rebuild their lives, such as memory, rapport building, constructive imagination, and harnessing emotions and instincts positively. The goal is to empower individuals to find fulfilment and meaning beyond their addiction.

Human Givens Therapy (HGT)

The therapeutic journey begins with establishing a strong rapport between therapist and client, creating a safe and trusting environment. Information gathering helps identify unmet emotional needs and misused resources contributing to addiction, while information giving educates clients about the HGT approach and its relevance to their situation. Goal setting directs therapy towards tangible, immediate, and achievable outcomes defined by the client’s recovery and wellbeing aspirations.

Accessing resources taps into clients’ innate capacities, rekindling skills and strengths overshadowed by addiction, building confidence in their ability to change. Agreeing on strategies and rehearsing success involves planning practical steps towards meeting goals and envisioning a future free from addiction.

Unlike many other therapies, HGT does not require clients to explore or talk about past traumatic events, as this may reimprint the trauma and reinforce the problem. Instead, the approach recognizes the past and sets positive, achievable goals, activating innate resources and rehearsing successful outcomes. Veterans are guided towards regaining balance and satisfaction in their lives by assimilating past events into their life experience, rather than relying on addictive substances or behaviours to block out painful memories.

As more veterans find their way to recovery through PTSD Resolution’s therapy programme, the charity’s impact continues to grow, offering a path to healing and hope for those who have served their country.

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