RCEL – COVID-19 update

As you know, RCEL has been carefully monitoring the impact of Covid-19 across its Member Organisations through regular surveys.  As the pandemic continues into 2021, maintaining contact with RCEL’s Member Organisations is more important than ever.  We are very grateful for the level of engagement and the feedback provided which continues to provide a very useful insight into the constantly evolving situation.  Ensuring aid is delivered to those who need it most remains our priority, despite the many challenges faced.

The results of the surveys continue to provide valuable data enabling us to closely monitor the varying impact of the pandemic across the commonwealth.  This data is shared with those with a vested interest and has been well received and analysed.

The results of the latest survey can be seen below:

93% of Member Organisations completed and returned the survey

96% for FCDO funded countries (only Bangladesh outstanding)

  • 48% of countries have some form of lockdown restrictions in place; mainly night time curfews
  • Despite these restrictions, there has been remarkably little impact on our ability to deliver grants – testament to the hard work and tenacity of our Member Organisations.
  • There are 34 reported cases of confirmed Covid among veterans and widows.  These cases are in Antigua, Belize, Bostwana, Burma, Canada, Ghana, Guyana, Jamaica, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
  • Sadly, there are 14 reported deaths directly attributed to Covid.  These are in the aforementioned countries, with the exception of Botswana.
  • Zimbabwe is the worst affected country with 14 cases and 4 deaths.
  • Vaccination progress varies hugely with much of Africa reporting very low vaccination rates.
  • International travel remains complicated with varying levels of requirements including negative PCR test, vaccine certificates and differing quarantine rules.
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