Televisions For Ex-Service Personnel With Disabilities

The Not Forgotten Association (NFA) is proud of its long heritage of providing televisions and/or TV licences to ex-service personnel who are isolated and generally confined to their homes or have limited mobility due to physical or mental health reasons.

The NFA is now aiming to increase its provision of TVs and is also looking at the option of providing tablets to those who would prefer to use this form of media.

Provision of a TV, licence or tablet is based on the completion of the Cobseo CMS Form A by a trained Caseworker, normally from SSAFA or The Royal British Legion. Other established and recognised organisations may seek support for a beneficiary but must submit the Form A.

With immediate effect, the NFA has decided to purchase TVs from John Lewis rather than provide a rental set over a period of 4 years. This will deliver a substantial saving to the Association.  The new arrangements are as follows:

  • The model provided will be a brand-new 32” Toshiba HD Smart TV (rental sets were 32” reconditioned HD Ready TVs).
  • The new TV will come with a 5-year manufacturer’s/John Lewis warranty.
  • John Lewis will deliver and install the TV at the beneficiary’s address.
  • The TV will become the beneficiary’s property once it has been installed.
  • The beneficiary or Caseworker is to confirm receipt of the TV to the NFA.
  • Other than that provided under the 5-year warranty, there will be no technical support provided. If a problem arises with the TV that is not covered by the warranty, the beneficiary/Caseworker will need to make private arrangements to resolve it.
  • As isolation is a prerequisite condition for the provision of a TV, the beneficiary will not generally be eligible to take part in other NFA events or activities. Exemptions to this rule can be applied for under exceptional circumstances.
  • A beneficiary can only receive one TV set within a 4-year period.  A replacement TV will need to be applied for using a Form A.

For further information please contact Nick Jones-Evans; email, tel 0207 730 2400.


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