The camaraderie of the Guinea Pig Club lives on

Eighty years ago, a group of severely injured young RAF men who had survived fiery crashes defending Britain in the Second World War, formed a club to support each other.

They called themselves The Guinea Pig Club. As you may know, this was in tribute to the experimental treatments for disfiguring burns pioneered by surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe, which enabled them to not just survive their injuries but return to civilian life with them.

The RAF Benevolent Fund turned donations from supporters who wanted to help them, into practical assistance for those who needed it, and for as long as they needed it.

Today, on the 80th anniversary of The Guinea Pig Club, we are fulfilling the wishes of its exceptionally brave members, to carry on the story of what RAF personnel sometimes go through to support their country, and what they need when injuries change their lives forever.

An opportunity to support people injured in service
We would like to invite you to help today’s severely injured RAF personnel on their difficult and often lifelong road to recovery and rehabilitation, in memory of The Guinea Pig Club.

An opportunity to pay tribute to The Guinea Pig Club
We are also offering you the chance to contribute a few words of thanks and remembrance to our special Guinea Pig Club Dedication page, in tribute to the young men whose lives were changed forever as a result of defending Britain in the Second World War.

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Our Executive Members

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