The essence of ASDIC

This week we spoke to Dorinda Wolfe Murray, CEO of FirstLight Trust, which operates six Café Hubs across the UK, with a further two in development. The hubs support Veterans and their families in their homes and their communities.

Dorinda said:

“I am a great believer in grass roots organisations; those that are close to the problems and solutions. I am also a great believer in networks and our ability to solve problems when given the space and opportunity to do so.  Social isolation, and loneliness are quite simply killers in every form.  As humans we are social creatures, and that age old adage of a problem shared is a problem halved has never been truer.

“To me it is imperative that we have places and people we can go to and talk to in a way that is understood. What better way to support veterans and their families than to have a network of empathetic, socially inspired drop ins, in the villages and towns where we live. Combine that with a ‘brew’ and some time to listen and the ability to provide the right type of support and you have the essence of ASDIC.” 

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