The Five Lines of Operations that will help your transition

With a background in Plans and Operations, it’s no surprise that David Orr, a former Army officer, put a lot of thought into planning his transition. He shares his method and the lessons he learnt on the way here.

“It is now a year since I started my resettlement journey – transitioning to civilian life after 20 years in the Army. Although it was undeniably daunting at the outset, I am delighted with the way it has worked out. I have a job with an excellent company, I actually get to go home to my family every night (a key driver for leaving) and I am in a financially stronger position. I am fortunate that I have achieved everything I wanted to in the 12 months following ‘pressing the button’.

“This seems like a sensible point to take stock and review the last year, not least because it may prove useful to those leaving the Services now – in the same way that I found the advice invaluable of those ahead of me on the conveyor belt. Rather than tackle this with the usual ‘Top Tips for Resettlement’ I thought it might be helpful to recount how I set about planning my transition highlighting what worked and what didn’t along the way.”

Read more about part one here, and see part two here.

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