Transforming Negative Transitions Programme steps forward.

On 7 September 2023, Zizi Mason and Martin Beaney from Supporting Wounded Veterans (SWV) visited HighGround at Bicton College in Devon to meet HighGround’s Founder Anna Baker Cresswell and Chris Shepherd who manages HighGround’s Rural Weeks programme at Bicton College.

HighGround and Supporting Wounded Veterans have been awarded a grant by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to fund a 3 year Transforming Negative Transitions (TNT) programme and in 2024, HighGround will deliver two Rural Insight Career Weeks which will be a blend of HighGround’s Rural Weeks and the Rural Experience Weeks which the Charity has developed over the last three years thanks to funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

Following the Rural Insight Career Week SWV will deliver their Mentoring and Occupation, Training and Employment (OTE) Programmes, Martin Beaney SWV’s Veteran Co-Ordinator said:

“Over the last 11 years SWV has successfully developed Mentoring and OTE interventions for veterans, and by partnering with HighGround, we are looking forward to developing new pathways for the cohort we have identified under the TNT programme.

Anna Baker Cresswell, Founder of HighGround added,

“Without funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the concept of Rural Experience Weeks, a slower paced Rural Week with an emphasis on improving veterans’ wellbeing using the outdoors would not have been possible. To be working with Bicton and SWV to further develop this concept to help those most at risk of a negative transition following brief careers in the military, is a great privilege.”

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