Trinity House help Naval and Marine Veterans

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, is grateful to Trinity House for its generous donation to assist Naval and Marine veterans and their families to access a SSAFA caseworker in their times of need.

As an example of the way their funding is put to good use, Second World War veteran, Ronald Baker, was assisted by his SSAFA caseworker to raise vital funds when he and his wife became trapped in their home.

Ron served as a Commando in WW2. He took part in the D-Day Landings as a Marine Commando at Sword Beach, and, after fighting in France and Germany, was recalled to the UK to HMS Jackdaw, out of Scotland. He was then sent to the Far East, travelling on HMS Orion, to take part in the clearing of Japanese held islands. After this he was stationed at HMS Golden Hind, in Australia, to await deployment. This was curtailed by the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the defeat and surrender of the Japanese. Ron returned to the UK and was demobbed in 1946.

Recently Ron found himself in difficulty when the stairs to his home deteriorated so badly that he and his wife could not get in or out of their house.

Ron lives with his wife Maureen in a first floor flat. Access to the flat was via wooden stairs on the outside of the building, which had deteriorated beyond use. Ron sought SSAFA’s help to get them replaced and was allocated a caseworker who helped with every step of the process. Ron’s caseworker was able to raise the full cost of the repairs, liaise with a local company to carry out the work – which they did at cost – and the couple can now get out and about safely.

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