Update from LINKS/Combined Forces

Kimberly Phillips, the Combined Forces Project Coordinator  at LINKS/Combined Forces, has sent the following message regarding their services:
“Staff are all now working from home. 
“Veterans also have access to our Facebook page and messenger which is monitored daily by staff and myself.  A virtual NAAFI morning was started at the end of last week so those that attend our coffee mornings were able to catch up and have a chat. This worked really well, and another one will be set up going forward. 
“Private groups for the veterans on our Facebook page have been set up so they can get ideas for activities to do at home. This has proven very successful this week.
“We continue to signpost to other organisations if we have any veterans in crisis or with welfare issues. Before closing the project and working from home, support packages containing local information, local businesses delivering food, helplines and activity ideas were sent out to members that wanted them.
“I can continue to support new veterans that need it, but again by telephone only and then look into joining them up as members when we are open and back up and running.”
Our Executive Members

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